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    Our Screening

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    Application Review

    • Assess qualifications and relevant experience
    • Evaluate job-specific skills and certifications
    • Review work history and employment gaps
    • Analyze consistency with job requirements
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    Candidate Evaluation

    • Conduct in-depth interviews to assess competency
    • Administer skills assessments and technical tests
    • Evaluate problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities
    • Assess cultural fit within the organization
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    Reference Checks

    • Verify information with provided references
    • Discuss work performance and reliability
    • Seek insights on strengths and areas for improvement
    • Validate past achievements and contributions
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    Background Verification

    • Verify employment history and job titles
    • Confirm educational qualifications and degrees
    • Conduct criminal background checks and drug screenings
    • Validate professional licenses or certifications
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    Client Interviews

    • Facilitate client-candidate introductions
    • Conduct pre-interview briefings
    • Ensure a structured interview format and questionnaires
    • Observe and assess client-candidate interaction
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    Final Selection

    • Conduct client interviews for compatibility
    • Discuss job expectations and requirements
    • Evaluate candidate performance and alignment
    • Collaborate with the client for the final hiring decision
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